Cynthia Tang

Cynthia Tang

Through her leadership and generosity as an alumna and trustee of Missouri University of Science and Technology, Cindy Tang (Economics’85, Professional Economics’07, Honorary DEng’98) has contributed to the advancement of Missouri S&T in a profound and lasting way, supporting faculty excellence, providing academic opportunity for talented students, and raising the profile of the university as one of the nation’s top technological research institutions.

Cindy is the retired chairman of Insight Industries, a software engineering company she founded in 1987 after receiving her MBA from Drury University. Under her leadership, Insight became one of the largest software companies in Wisconsin, responsible for developing and testing the flight instrumentation used by many commercial airlines today. Insight is now owned by Esterline Technologies Corporation.

As a past president of the Missouri S&T Board of Trustees, a current trustee, and a member of the board’s Advancing Excellence Campaign Steering Committee, Cindy continues to guide the growth of the university. As a member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Academy and the Computer Science Academy, she is committed to strengthening academic opportunity, industry partnerships and alumni support in both departments. She is also a member of the Order of the Golden Shillelagh, Missouri S&T’s most influential giving circle.

Cindy received the Alumni Achievement Award in 1999 and was honored as one of the university’s 28 Alumni of Influence in 2011. A member of the Missouri S&T Women’s Hall of Fame, she has funded the annual Woman of the Year Award, which honors an outstanding female faculty member, for more than a decade.

Cindy established the Cynthia Tang Missouri Professorship of Computer Engineering in 1997. She was one of the founding contributors to the Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair of Computer Science in 2005. Cindy has also generously supported management information systems scholarships and the Jean Walker Scholarship in English.

Now, through the permanent source of funding provided by the Cynthia Tang Endowed Scholarship for Economics, talented students for generations to come will have the opportunity to excel in the study of economics as Cindy Tang Scholars.