Kenneth and Marion Clark

Kenneth and Marion Clark

Kenneth Clark began his education in a one-room elementary school, where his teacher told his parents he was “good in math.” The remainder of Ken’s early education was provided by a number of mentors: his father, “who taught me everything about mechanical and electrical stuff”; Robert Doe, founder of Robert B. Doe Oilfield Services, who gave Ken his first job washing crude oil off trucks and tools as a high school freshman; and Dr. Edwin Hemmerling, a dean at Bakersfield Junior College, who laid the groundwork for Ken’s transfer to the University of California-Berkeley as a junior majoring in petroleum engineering.

Employed as an oilfield roustabout as a student, Ken paid his tuition moonlighting on drilling rigs. As he says: “Throughout my three years at Berkeley, I continued to carry my hard hat and boots in the car to catch work shifts on drilling rigs on weekends.”

Ken was drafted into the U.S. Army at the end of his junior year at UC Berkeley and served 18 month at Cuncheon, Korea. After completing his tour of duty, he returned to Berkeley and completed his bachelor of science and master of science degrees in petroleum engineering. He spent the next decade working for Amoco Oil Company before founding Clark Oilfield Measurement Company in 1981. He operated the down hole electronic instrument company for 30 years, serving an international roster of clients in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Today the company is owned by Baker Hughes International and still operates with four of Ken’s original employees.

Over his distinguished career, Ken received four patents for down hole oil well electronic instruments and presented many technical papers at industry conferences. Today he is semi-retired and operates a consulting business. An amateur radio enthusiast and ham radio operator since he was 13, Ken is also a pilot who regularly flies his Cessna T210 and Piper. When he isn’t traveling the skies, he enjoys motorcycling, sailing and “building and repairing stuff.”

Ken and his wife Marian, a former teacher and author of the Route 66 Cookbook and Main Street of America Cookbook, enjoy world travel and sharing time between their homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Cuchara, Colorado. They have two children and four grandchildren.

As members of the Order of the Golden Shillelagh, Ken and Marian are generous supporters of many Missouri S&T projects including the Solar Car and Solar Home Student Design Teams and the Kummer Student Design Center. Now, through the Kenneth and Marian Clark Scholarship Endowment Fund, they have generously stepped forward again, creating a permanent source of financial support for undergraduate students seeking to pursue their professional goals with a degree in petroleum engineering.