Marshall A. Koval

Marshall A. Koval

Through his loyal support, Marshall A. Koval has contributed to the advancement of Missouri University of Science and Technology in a lasting way. Now, he has chosen to deepen his legacy as a member of the university family and son of a professor emeritus by establishing a scholarship endowment.

An internationally recognized mining executive, Marshall presently serves as President & CEO of Anfield Nickel Corp and Vice President of Corporate Development for Lumina Copper Corp, exploration and development companies with extensive mineral resources in Guatemala and Argentina, respectively. He also serves in a corporate governance capacity for other Lumina Group companies, including Anfield Nickel, Miedzi Copper and Lumina Capital, a private equity fund. He previously served as President, CEO and Director of Northern Peru Copper and advisor to the board of Global Copper, both Lumina Group companies.

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia (BS’78 Geology) who attended Missouri S&T for three years, Marshall has distinguished himself in every area of mining over more than three decades of industry leadership: mineral exploration, finance, mine development and operation, mergers and acquisitions, privatization, and environmental compliance and remediation. He has worked on mining projects in more than 30 countries on six continents, including extensive experience in South America.

Prior to joining the Lumina Group, Marshall served as President of Pincock Allen & Holt, an international mining consulting firm. He also served in consulting and management positions with Golder Associates, BHP/Utah International, Inco, Meridian Minerals and Inspiration Consolidated Copper.

As the son of Missouri S&T Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Leslie Koval, Marshall has been a member of the university family for many years, generously contributing to the Leslie R. and Barbara R. Koval Scholarship Fund, which his parents established in 2002.

Now, through the permanent source of funding provided by the Marshall Koval Mining Excellence Scholarship, talented students with a passion for the mining industry will have the opportunity to pursue their career goals as the industry leaders of the future.