Chancellor's Scholarship

The Chancellor’s scholarship is Missouri S&T’s most prestigious academic scholarship for incoming freshmen from the state of Missouri. It is valued at $12,000 per year and renewable for up to 4 years.

Eligibility Requirements
• Be in the upper 10% of your high school graduating class or have a GPA of 3.75 or better after six semesters.
• Have strong leadership skills through school and community activities.
• Take the ACT (or SAT) test by Oct. 28, 2017, and receive an ACT score of 31 or better to be eligible.
(If taking the SAT, a CR+M score of 1420 is needed)
• Be a resident of the state of Missouri
• Be a 2018 high school graduate

You will need to write a 750 word or less essay and each finalist will receive an invitation to discuss his/her essay on campus, Saturday, January 27, 2018.

1. Purpose and theme
2. Introduction and conclusion
3. Organization and structure
4. Research and documentation
5. Language use and mechanics

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a 750-word or less essay with a title and reference page (the title and reference page will not be counted in the 750 word count, but in-text citations will be counted), typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font and double spaced in PDF. Please use APA style formatting. You MUST EXCLUDE your name from the essay to maintain anonymity. An abstract page is not needed. Your essay will not upload if you have special characters or apostrophes in the title. Here is your essay topic:

    Since 1980 when CNN was founded in Atlanta, GA (Cramer, 2005. para. 3), our society has lived with 24-hour news coverage. In February 2004, Facebook was created and now almost 2 billion people in the world maintain active Facebook accounts ( 2017). Radio and TV talk shows, social media groups, and Internet blogs all compete for our attention with increasingly sensational headlines and inflammatory messages. In this era of 24-7 news and social media, it seems few discuss or debate, but instead merely recite talking points and yell at one another. Write an essay about why it is important to look beyond the shouting to evidence-based arguments. You should consider how your education at Missouri S&T will facilitate your ability to search for and evaluate facts and knowledge. Support your argument with research you have conducted on this topic.

    Cramer, Chris. (2005). CNN's impact around the world. CNN25. Accessed 10 July 2017.

    Facebook International. (2017). Statistics. Accessed 13 July 2017.
  2. What is your preferred t-shirt size?
  3. Are you taking the October ACT test?
  4. How did you hear about the Chancellor's Scholarship?