Petroleum Engineering Departmental Scholarship

The Petroleum Engineering Department award scholarships to great students who give back to the Petroleum Engineering program and to the campus through their leadership and service. Just having a high GPA is not enough. The Department expects Petroleum Engineering scholarship recipients to attend (nearly) all SPE meetings, even as freshmen and to lead and to serve. High levels of activity in other organizations, design teams and/or varsity sports also count, as we want our Petroleum students to be known across campus for their quality service and leadership contributions. Generally scholarships are given to U.S. students only.

Resources for Petroleum Engineering students:
SPE Scholarships (SPE Star, Gus Archie (HS students only), others):
SPE Sections:
Mid-Continent Gas Storage SPE Section:
Dallas SPE Section Scholarship: (Contact R. Flori at for information)

Supplemental Questions
  1. If you are a transfer student; where did you transfer from, when did you transfer and with how many credit hours?
  2. If you received a Petroleum scholarship last year, list the name and amount.
  3. Write a short paragraph of why you wish to study (or are studying) Petroleum Engineering.
  4. Please list 3 SPE related activates you've participated in. This could include: SPE meeting(s) attended (include date(s), speaker(s) & topic(s)), SPE Energy Symposium events/talks attended, SPE banquet(s) attended, PetroBowl activities, SPE leadership (offices you’ve held or committees on which you’ve served), Pi Epsilon Tau (Petroleum Engineering Honor Society) involvement/leadership, undergraduate research, activity/leadership in other organizations and/or student design teams on campus. (Current students are recommended to maintain an SPE activity log/journal)
  5. Are you an SPE member? It's free and easy to join SPE. To apply, go to: