WhatStorage? Student Storage Scholarship

At WhatStorage, one of our most popular customers are students looking for self-storage to temporarily store their belongings in between homes. We know that the biggest costs to students are tuition fees and accommodation, so this summer, WhatStorage is giving back with our Student Storage Scholarship.

The scholarship winner will receive $3,000 to contribute towards tuition, accommodation or travel costs, plus free student storage anywhere in the world — perfect if you need to store your belongings while studying abroad, moving accommodation, or just skipping town for the summer.

Application Details

  • Please write a 1000-3000 word student moving guide on moving, renting or storage as a student.
  • Acceptable topics are, for example, student moving checklist, student storage, student renting guide.
  • The top 5 articles will be published on our blog.
  • Only one article will win the $3000 scholarship.