Hemp for a Sustainable Future Scholarship 2019

CBD Oiled is a social enterprise who are excited about the many ways in which the re-emergence of the hemp industry (cannabis sativa L) can benefit society.

We believe that the hemp plant has a huge part to play in the creation of sustainable industries, as well as being positive for society and human wellbeing.

Many countries have a long history of hemp farming going back thousands of years, during which time hemp was used for food, building, fabrics, paper, fuel, oil and medicine.

Our vision is the resurgence of the hemp industry which can provide the raw materials for thousands of green products, create thousands of jobs, improve the wellbeing of members of society and have a beneficial impact on the environment.

We believe that education is the key to raise awareness of the possibilities offered by hemp. Current students across a wide range of study areas will be the future drivers of change and the leaders of new eco-friendly businesses.

We are excited to be able to offer a scholarship to one student who can demonstrate how knowledge and expertise within the area of their studies can be applied to any sector connected with the sustainable hemp industry.