Reveka Rose Scholarship for Women and Entreneurship

At Reveka Rose we believe in women, in their power and strength, in their ability to change the world. We showcase work from many female designers and jewelry artists. We want women wearing our pieces to make the most out of their days, feeling confident, feminine and powerful.

As a successful female-owned business, we want to reach out to undergraduate women who may want to start businesses, become designers, artists and leaders, and further their dreams by offering a scholarship award of $1000 to the student who can best present and explore female empowerment in a well-written essay.

Please write a 1,500 to 2,500-word essay answering any or all, the following questions:

What challenges do female entrepreneur’s face? Fewer women bring their business ideas to life. Why and how can we change that? Name one successful female entrepreneur that you feel empowered by and why.