Watershed Health Care Scholarship

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is committed to providing the highest level of care for the treatment of substance use disorders, such as drug addiction and alcoholism. In addition to providing highly accredited and reputable addiction treatment services, The Watershed is proud to offer financial scholarships for education in a number of fields.

The Watershed will provide a $1,000 scholarship toward the winner’s tuition for a degree in the Health Care field. Specific areas of study in the Health Care field include nursing, pre-med, nutrition, therapy, psychology, social work, health science, radiology, phlebotomy, surgery, pediatric, etc.

You can enter to win a $1,000 scholarship towards your degree in the Health Care field by writing and submitting an essay (up to 500 words) that describes your desire to become part of the Health Care industry. Please include what appeals to you most about the Health Care field, what you hope to accomplish with your degree in Health Care, and why you believe you deserve The Watershed’s Health Care Scholarship most.