Lark Health Scholarship

Lark is a healthcare company that helps prevent chronic illnesses like diabetes, and we want to inspire students to come up with solutions to help improve the health of others around them. The Lark Diabetes Prevention Scholarship consists of three awards totaling $3,500 per year.

Our requirement is simple. We want you to submit a 1-2 page essay, 1.5 spaced, detailing an initiative that you would like to see happen — were you a policy maker, healthcare entrepreneur, or public health worker — to prevent or delay one of the most pressing health issues facing Americans today.

An example is the CDC-Recognized DPP (Digital Diabetes Prevention Program), a nationwide initiative modeled after a 10-year longitudinal study that showed a healthy diet, more exercise, and 5-7% body weight loss could delay the onset of diabetes after showing the signs of diabetes and prevent the progression to diabetes of prediabetes by 58%! This insight has since become a nationwide initiative, covered by most health plans, medicaid plans, and medicare. It is making a true difference in the wellness and lives of those who are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes.