WildProofGear Digital Marketing Scholarship

WildProofGear is looking for a way to give a little something back. We are pleased to formally announce our WildProofGear Digital Marketing Scholarship Award. For us, it’s a way to invest in the future of our community. For the right student, it’s a way to help pay for the ballooning costs of higher education.

We know how expensive continuing education can be. Between rent, tuition, and book costs, it is a wonder how anyone can afford to go to college anymore. Our $1,000 Digital Marketing Scholarship might only be a small chunk of the overall costs, but it could be enough to keep the right student in the classroom, where they should be.

If you are currently studying in the areas of Marketing, Business, IT or Communications, we’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert in Digital Marketing, this could be the perfect opportunity to shave a cool $1,000 off the top of your schooling costs.