US Army Scholarship Opportunities

Army ROTC offers world-class leadership training and generous scholarships to qualified students. These scholarships are based solely on the student’s merits—not financial needs. They can defray the full cost of tuition and provide additional tax-free allowances for books, supplies, equipment and necessary fees. Additionally, those on Army ROTC scholarship are eligible to receive a monthly tax-free stipend for up to 10 months a year to defray living expenses. If the cost of room and board exceeds tuition expenses, scholarship winners may elect to have the cost of their room and board paid in lieu of their tuition.

Many Students hope to combine a career in the private sector with the service as an Officer in the Reserve Components. For these individuals, the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship presents an ideal opportunity. If selected for one on these scholarships, the student will be guaranteed placement into the National Guard or Army Reserve upon graduation. In this way, they can serve the nation as an Army Officer while still pursuing employment opportunities in their degree field.

Whether you wish to serve in the Reserve Forces or compete for active duty, students that are contract eligible and have 8-9 semesters left may apply for a four-year scholarship. Students that are contract eligible and have 6-7 semesters left may apply for a three-year scholarship. Students that are contract eligible, have attended Basic Training or are willing to attend Leaders Training Course and have 4-5 semesters left may apply for a two-year scholarship.

Scholarship winners also receive up to $2000 per year from Missouri S&T once they contract with Army ROTC. Additionally, Army ROTC cadets can apply for limited housing scholarships that can be applied to housing costs. 3-year Advanced Designee scholarship winners can receive free or reduced housing during their freshman year.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you reasonably fit physically and medically?
  2. Are you willing to serve others?
  3. Are you willing to lead others?
  4. Are willing to compete to receive a commission and serve in the US Army Reserve, National Guard or Active Duty?
  5. If you answered yes to all the previous questions, you appear to be initially qualified to apply for these generous scholarship packages from the US Army. To take the next step, you will need to go by Harris Hall Room 301, call (573) 341-4744, or email to continue the application process. If you understand this, check "Yes".