Catherine & Robert Brackbill Alumni Association Scholarship

Student Does Not Need To Apply. Criteria for Awards Automatically Based Upon Information Provided On General Application.
1-Each Scholarship shall be $8,000 per year. The number of scholarships available will be determined by the income generated by the endowment each year.
2-Recipients shall be undergraduate or graduate petroleum engineering majors or freshmen who plan to study petroleum engineering.
3-Criteria used to select recipients:
qualified to enter the Missouri S&T engineering program-recommended by the petroleum engineering faculty
-financial need may be considered, if it is believed candidate is capable of graduating
-demonstrated leadership characteristics such as high school organization officer, Eagle Boy Scout, Missouri S&T or other university leadership positions, or co-op/summer/other employment to help finance education
-past scholastic achievement
4 Criteria for renewal of Brackbill Scholarship shall be as follows:
-must continue to major in petroleum engineering
-must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
-students maintaining a 2.0-2.99 cumulative GPA will be allowed to renew only if recommended and justified by the petroleum engineering faculty
-student maintaining a 1.99 GPA allowed to renew only if extenuating circumstances as documented by petroleum engineering faculty justify renewal.