Aquarzon Research Scholarship

At Aquarzon, we believe that knowledge is empowerment. While there are many researches carried out in the fields of medicine, agriculture and aquaculture, only a very small percentage focuses on aquarium algae which negatively affects a huge majority of aquarists.

This area provides students the big opportunity to make a positive difference and impact to the aquarium industry and aquarium hobby field via research. as such, is pleased to announce our scholarship, Aquarzon Research Scholarship, as part of our movement to assist students who wish to pursue the research of aquarium algae to not only achieve their educational goals, but to also make a positive contribution to the aquarium hobby field and aquarium industry that generates economical, social and well-being benefits.

Write a research article of 1200+ words on an aquarium algae related topic, for example “Understanding the Causes and Solutions for Black Beard Algae in an Aquarium”. Your research article must be fully original and based on your own research on this topic, which can be performed via physical experiments or via academic research.