Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Departmental General Application (50 plus scholarships)

This application will provide information for approximately 50 Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Scholarships. Please answer all the questions.

Varies $500-$2000
Supplemental Questions
  1. In which Missouri county is your high school located?
  2. Have you had an internship or Co-Op in a ready mixed concrete and or other related field?
    • If yes, please list the name of the company, dates worked and main duties. (If not, put N/A)
    • Please answer yes or no.
  3. Are you interested in sanitary engineering?
  4. Do you have interest in a career or emphasis area engineering sales?
  5. Are you from a rural background or area? (Note that a rural area can be defined as any area not located within a densely populated city or urban area.)
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