Wheelhouse Scholarship

Wheelhouse is proud to announce our Fall 2019 Scholarship Essay Contest! Over the past year, we’ve awarded $4,000 in scholarships to our essay contest winners, and we’re excited to be offering 3 scholarships for the Fall 2019 semester.
-We are currently accepting essay submissions from all undergraduate students, regardless of their area of study or socioeconomic background.
-We’ll award 3 deserving winners with scholarship funds you can put toward your studies:
1st place: $1,000 scholarship
2nd place: $750 scholarship
3rd place: $500 scholarship

Essay Guidelines and Submission Instructions:

1. Write a 750 to 1,000 word essay on one of the two topics provided above. 2. Linking instructions. Include a couple of links to the Wheelhouse page in your essay, hyperlinked under text relevant to either the VoIP page (for Topic 1) or the CRM page (for Topic 2). We’ve linked to our page in the essay topics above as an example. 3. Post your essay on your blog, website, or social channels. 4. To submit your essay, send the link (or links) where we can access your essay for consideration to scholarships@wheelhouse.com