Collegedunia Student Essay Scholarship

The USA witnessed more than a million international students pouring in consecutively for the third time in 2018. On an average, any international student enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program in the US spends around $35,000-$40,000 USD per year. Without a decent funding option available, studying in USA can be extremely expensive for international students.

Since education in the United States is said to be the costliest, Collegedunia has launched ‘$1000 Student Essay’ Scholarship for students who aspire to gain an extensive education from colleges in the US. While planning your study abroad, it is always a good practice to look for scholarships and sources of funding in your home country. Since prominent federal grants such as FAFSA are only available to domestic students in the US, only a handful of university scholarships and third-party funding sources are available once you have landed in the US.

Most international students can receive scholarships in their home country to study in the United States. Scholarships for Indian students in the US are also available, but most have a high number of applicants and hence, a high competition. The Collegedunia Student Essay Scholarship has other perks apart from the obvious $1000 USD. Not only is the competition comparatively lower, but it also has a simple and short application process.