Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers Scholarships Application

Available to Mechanical and Aerospace Department seniors, juniors, and sophomores. There are nine $1,000 scholarships and two $2,000 scholarships available each year. These scholarships must be applied for each year. These scholarships are based on demonstrated leadership through meaningful involvement in campus organized extracurricular activities, including varsity athletics and demonstrated potential to be good engineers. Applications for these scholarships are available February 1st until March 1st for the following academic year.

The Academy of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineers at Missouri University of Science and Technology was established in 1995 to recognize outstanding alumni for their professional achievement and success, and to create a group that would provide organized assistance to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. Membership is by invitation extended from the current members. The organization’s ongoing activities focus on improving the educational experience of the department’s students.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you plan to be on co-op during the fall or spring semester in the upcoming academic year? If yes, please state which semester.
  2. Previous Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Scholarships Received
    • Are you currently receiving, or have received, scholarship support from the Academy?
    • If so, when did you received your Academy scholarship(s)
  3. List of Student Activities: Individually list all activities you are involved in including departmental, technical, social, athletic and philanthropic, both on and off campus. List all Co-Op semesters as an activity.
    • Name of activity, indicate role (officer, member, etc.) and list semesters involved (ie. FL19, SP20, etc.).
  4. Please attach a current resume.
  5. Please attach a one-page essay with your name on the top in which you make the case that you will be a good engineer with the likelihood of being a leader in your career. Include evidence from such things as your motivation, experiences, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, significant accomplishments, and academic record.
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