Robert and Linda Mueller Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship

The Missouri University of Science and Technology Manufacturing Engineering Program will award a $1,000 scholarship to one qualified student each year. The applicant must be a junior or senior (60+ credit hours) majoring in Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Management with an emphasis in Manufacturing Engineering. In other words, you must be in the manufacturing option to receive this scholarship. The recipient shall be chosen on the basis of GPA and involvement in manufacturing engineering related activities. Interviews may be held for final selection. The scholarship will be awarded each Fall.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in the "B.S. Manufacturing Option" program?
  2. Do you have an interest in the manufacturing sciences and/or industry?
  3. Please list other colleges you have attended and dates of attendance.
  4. Please attach a brief essay WITH YOUR NAME AT THE TOP describing why you are interested in pursuing an education related to Manufacturing Engineering and what your goals are following graduation.
  5. Please place a percentage that each of the following sources contributes to your educational expenses:
    • Family
    • Loans
    • Other
    • Scholarships
    • Self-Earned
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